Let us begin with some insights, as parents we all know them but since at Tribe Asia we are also global format producers, we like to walk in and begin all our festivals with some real hard data because this festival is here to stay and to travel each city small and big. So, you are this urban nuclear family in a metro / mini metro or an expat who has arrived with your little ones always on the look out for the next experience for your infant, toddler, little explorer or pre-teener. We are a diverse country that offers great urban experiences? So what if they are indoors? So what if they are mostly, almost, always in a mall?

  • Urban parents take their children to a mall, 35/52 weekends on an average. Counting already?
  • Your 3 year old can open up YouTube, the music folders or PeppaPig at the drop of a hat. Data shows that the first exciting & colorful object for urban children is not grass or flowers or the pond frog. It is a tablet or a smart phone.
  • You feed your toddler with a dose of his favorite content, online, on the tablet, on your phone, again and again.
  • Chances are your 4 year old will turn 8 without ever sowing a plant, feeling soil or watering a sapling. Data? 64% of urban children live in high-rises diminishing chances of soil contact.
  • At 2 you and your child are at a mother-toddler stage, which is awesome, at 3 a play-school even better and by 4, school. All indoors, almost always. Just saying.
  • At 5 he has more classes than friends, at 6 she has to get A’s and by the time he’s 11 you are already thinking of the boards.
  • The average urban parent, given the choices at hand behave ‘almost, always’ in this exact manner. Oh. There is that Disneyland trip once in a…er…lifetime.

No, it isn’t wrong, only your child actually thinks LOL is grammar, a play school plastic toy is the world, air-conditioning is the way of life and a mall with french fries thrown in is the most outstanding gratification. None of it is wrong. You have made the best of the available urban situation.

Now wait a second, it isn’t all gloomy, this one is really a happy video:

Let’s take a macro global view of children growing up in urban situations in developing or developed nations, well, urban is after all urban. Play this video, it’ll only take you a minute and a little more.

Let’s begin all over again, this time we are on your side…er..scratch that, we are on your little one’s side. So, you are an awesome parent or you’re pregnant or your second one is on her way or you and him are planning one, oh wait! You have twins? Or you are a teenager and want to take your little sister or brother to a wonderland he has only dreamt of while you try your hand at robotics or the concert arena? Yeah, we have some cool grown up stuff too!

We are the WindMill Festival, India’s First International Children’s Festival. We are outdoors, we are safe, we are baby proofed but we won’t stop them from entering the petting zoo and feeding our chicken or our lamb. We may have an art studio with 15 different kinds of art for her and we most certainly have ballet, robotics, and a concert arena with performances for them. There is a dad’s garage with fishing & barbecue & Dad becomes a chef, where moms found will be deported to…well…the mom’s arena salon. You will have the calm in the 0-3 arena with a day care centre, air conditioned, lullabies playing in the privacy of your feeding lounge, change booths and a nappy store so you do not worry about his mess and a toddler arena for her to crawl and jump in the safest, most exciting zone possible. If you have one that is between 4 & 7 you are in for his biggest exploratory surprise and if she is between 8 & 14 check out the experiences we have curated for her. Explore our age wise zone timelines to know more.

In a nutshell as global format producers we realized, you really are an amazing parent; only the curator here is too busy creating professional experiences for your teenager. Well we did too, until a few of us had babies and toddlers and pre-teens and realized, uh-oh! It’s the mall or the mall. All of you are welcome to India’s First International Children’s Festival. We will not claim to be perfect, but we do promise you a curation your music festival attending teenager will be jealous about. Hurry Up and book your place.