India’s 1st International Children's Festival

17th & 18th  November 2018, Reliance Jio Gardens, BKC, Mumbai

Terms & Conditions

  • Tickets are strictly limited and subject to availability. Tickets of all types are limited in number, sold on a first-come first-served basis
  • A physical ticket will be issued at the venue box office on the day of the event in exchange for your e-ticket purchase confirmation from Please carry valid photo id for verification of the ticket holder name along with your e-ticket print out.
  • A ticket shall not be a valid ticket if the barcode or hologram has been tampered with. Tickets once sold cannot be refunded.
  • Unlawful resale (or attempted unlawful resale) of a ticket would lead to seizure or cancellation of that ticket without refund or other compensation.
  • This is a wrist-band access festival. In case wrist-bands are taken off, a replacement wrist-band will not be issued. Wristbands removed or tampered with will be rendered invalid and WILL NOT be replaced.
  • Organizers reserve the right to perform security checks on invitees/members of the audience at the entry point for security reasons.
  • There is no admission without a valid ticket The Festival is not obliged to replace lost or stolen tickets.
  • The Festival reserves the right to vary the advertised program and/or artists.
  • All patrons require a ticket. The Festival organizers reserve the right to refuse entry and/or evict anyone without a valid ticket.
  • Patrons must not bring any of the following into the Festival:
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Tobacco consumption of any kind is prohibited.
    • This is a non-smoking festival.
    • Glass
    • Plastic bottles of any kind are not allowed barring feed bottles (one per infant)
    • Food – Only limited required quantity of baby food will be allowed for infants and toddlers.
    • Prohibited weapons or dangerous goods
    • Any animals
    • No personal transportation is allowed inside the festival. All transportation must be parked at parking facility.
    • Any items the patron intends to distribute or offer for sale
    • Transportation allowed in the festival
      • Roller Blades & Skateboards – one per child (Festival organizers are indemnified and will not be responsible for an injury arising due to the usage of sports transport)
      • Baby Strollers & Prams are allowed
  • Whilst at the Festival, patrons must not:
    • Climb any structure or damage any property
    • Use inappropriate language or behave in an inappropriate manner
    • Smoke within the Festival premises
    • Take photos or videos of performers without their express and prior consent
  • Workshops at the festival
    • The WindMill Festival will have workshops to choose from.
    • Participation for the workshops will be on a first come first served basis only. On full capacity the attendant will take in a booking for the next sessions.
      Each workshop will host between 10 – 15 numbers of participants at max.
      Material and other resources for the workshops will be provided by the festival organizer.
    • The timings for the workshops will be announced on the day of the event and the duration will vary from 30 – 60 mins.
    • Patrons will have to enroll for the workshops on the day of the event and slots will be allotted. Slots will be strictly allotted on the basis of availability
  • Organizers are not responsible for any negative effects of food items or drinks consumed in the venue by festival guests
  • Patrons attending the WindMill Festival may be filmed, photographed and recorded for the primary purpose of promoting the Festival. Photographs or recordings may appear on WindMill Festival’s online spaces (including website and social media) and other promotional material.
  • Event organizers (or third parties appointed by the Festival) reserve the right to film, photograph or record without consent and without compensation. If you do not wish for your photographs or recordings to be published, please contact event organizers to withdraw your consent via
  • WindMill Festival reserves the right to refuse entry or evict any person from the Festival with reasonable cause.
  • Parking near or at the festival premises is at the risk of the vehicle owner. Organizer will not hold responsibility for any damage or theft of any vehicles within the stipulated parking premises of the festival. Any vehicles not cleared of the site by 12pm on Sunday 8th November be towed away
  • The organizers reserve the right to implement any restrictions/conditions deemed necessary before and during the event to ensure the safe management of the festival site.
  • The possession of a ticket constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions and implies an undertaking by the ticket holder to observe them. In the event that any of these conditions are breached, the WindMill Festival. Reserves the right to cancel the ticket without refund or recourse for the ticket holder.
  • Attending and participating in the Festival constitutes acknowledgment that you have read, understood and agree to abide by these conditions.
  • The promoters reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of entry into the WindMill Festival in accordance with any new laws, legislation or internal company policies.